Why me? Other people don't have the acne.

It's normal to have some hormonal changes when you hit the puberty. It will make your skin look bad, but if it's any consolation at all, it won't be long and you can do something to make it go away faster.

You can have bad skin if your parents had it. And again, luckily you have an option to reduce it.

Smoking is the cause of numerous skin problems, acne is one of them.

Consult your doctor to see if any of the prescribed medications you took might cause your skin problems.

Skin-lightening creams.
If you tried to bleach your skin, this could cause it to explode.

Contraceptive pill.
A morning after pill can mess with your hormones, which again lead to the acne.

Polycystic ovary syndrome.
This is really rare, but if you have problems with your ovaries you may have an issue with the acne.

Cheep make up can cause acne. Especially if you don't remove it properly.

If you live in the polluted area, you can get your skin dirty, which is great for the development of the bacteria which cause acne.

Lack of bacteria!!??
Surprisingly enough, some bacteria are good for your skin. If you don't have enough of them on your skin, the bad bacteria will flourish, the latest research shows. It's something like taking probiotics with your antibiotics.

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