Is there a free cure for acne?

Sure there is a free cure for acne. You don't need to spend hundreds like your favorite pop star did. Just take a look at these simple suggestions. 

Eliminate gluten and dairy 

It's prooven that there is a connection between gluten and increased oily skin. Oily skin means more acne. Try to eliminate this and you're good to go. More advice on the dieting - right here

Oil Cleansing in the Evening Honey Cleansing in the Morning

Now that you have your eating right, everything cool on the inside, it's time to get the things right on the outside. You need to prevent the dirt from clogging your pores, which leads to the acne. To do this you need to keep it clean. Use cleansing oil in the evening to remove the dust, filth and bacteria, and the honey in the morning to reduce the damage the evening cleansing may cause. 

Toner for Acne

Another important thing for cleaning is toner. It gives your skin a thorough cleansing. You can use any one you like. Just don't forget to use it regularly. 

Baking Soda Exfoliant

Your skin needs exfoliating, removing the dead cells from the surface of your face. Baking soda will do the trick, just use one teaspoon with some water and rub it into your skin. Don't worry if it hurts a bit, the honey you use in the morning will help you control the damage.

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